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The Granola products Blog is a behind the scenes look at what is going on with the Granola team. This blog follows production, new product development, granola team insights, ambassadors, and adventure.

Reviving Rivoli Mills- Granolas new HQ

Granola Products

As with all small businesses, when it came to moving from our apartment to an office, the budget was slim to say the least. I remember our mentor Mike Bradshaw telling us when we first started the office hunt- "either you will pay a lot or you'll have to find someone who owns a building that will let you work there", little did we know that we would actually be that lucky. Last fall we met Camp, Fred, and DJ, the owners of the largest solar and roofing company in Chattanooga- GreenForm. The first time I saw the building I thought it was a little rough on the outside, then I walked inside and was blown away. Camp gave me the history of the building telling me that, in its past life, all the the wood in the building was from a ship that was built circa 1800, and in 1904 it was brought from Savannah, Georgia to Chattanooga to make this building. After checking out the swing and ping pong table, we went upstairs to 15,000 sq. ft. that was practically empty. The only thing occupying space were two 60ft tables. Camp told me Rivoli Mills had been a sewing factory for nearly 100 years, that seamed like a pretty good sign to us. A few months later, we were officially out of space at the apartment. I called the GreenForm guys, they said they would be psyched to have us, we just had to build the walls or pay to get them put up. Naturally as climbers, as soon as we saw the ply wood, we knew the outside had to be climbing walls. Again we lucked out, GreenForm can build anything. Having never built a climbing wall, a couple of youtube videos and two weeks later, we had this-

Photo: Kelsey Scott

Photo: Kelsey Scott

With climbing psych at an all time high, we had a set back, we had no holds! Again, we lucked out; one day while posting on reddit, trying figure out how to build a climbing wall, the owner of Atomic Climbing Holds messaged me. He told me he was going to mail us a whole box of holds and sent me a link on their guild for building climbing walls! I couldn't believe it! As soon as we got all those holds on the wall, we needed more. Naturally Camp watches youtube videos, and figures out how to make holds, the next day we walk up stairs to this- 

Photo: Kelsey Scott

Photo: Kelsey Scott

By and large, its safe to say we got the office of our dreams. As a brand that seeks to minimize environmental damage, a solar company couldn't be better to share space with. The new office is great, but the people in it are what really make it special. 

-Conner Scott