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The Granola products Blog is a behind the scenes look at what is going on with the Granola team. This blog follows production, new product development, granola team insights, ambassadors, and adventure.

Granola's Unsolicited Advice: #2

Granola Products

Camo Is Always In Style

Despite what fashion experts may or may not have declared as this season's "in" color ways, we are here to inform you that Camo is and will always be "in".

With this year's fall line, much of our design inspiration and color ways are influenced by classic American manufactured outdoor wear. A very large part of that inspiration comes from old hunting and fishing attire. Clean lines, classic color ways, and American manufacturing are three integral parts of Granola. 

When designing the Travelers Pack, we aimed to capture a classic rucksack aesthetic, with modern function. Naturally, camo was a first choice of our designers when selecting color ways. If you prefer just a dash of camo, our accessory bags are great for packing and organizing your small stuff. Just as we said before, camo never goes out of style. Take our unsolicited advice, and add some camo to your repertoire.