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The Granola products Blog is a behind the scenes look at what is going on with the Granola team. This blog follows production, new product development, granola team insights, ambassadors, and adventure.


Granola Products

Here at Granola, one of our favorite ways to start the day is with what we like to call Mountain Top Coffee Shop. Mountain Top Coffee Shop can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime, the only thing that you need is good coffee and good company. 

Photo by Tony Czech

Photo by Tony Czech

Our favorite method of brewing coffee at Mountain Top Coffee Shop is by using our Granola+Velo Campgrounds Coffee Kit. This collaborative project includes all the necessities for brewing a great cup of coffee in the great outdoors. No more instant coffee or Jetboil French Press leaving you with a mouth full of grounds. This kit gives you the ability to make coffee shop quality coffee while in the mountains....hence, MountainTopCoffeeShop. Here's what we use!

  1. Aeropress
  2. 2 Keep Cups (Coffee is better when shared)
  3. Porlex Mini Burr Grinder
  4. 12oz Velo Camp Grounds Coffee
  5. Granola Camp Grounds Coffee Kit Bag
Photo by Dillan Forsey

Photo by Dillan Forsey

Just as important as the method by which you brew your coffee is the coffee that you brew. The only coffee that we serve at the Mountain Top Coffee Shop is Velo Coffee and we urge you to do the same. Get some for yourself here!

Photo by Dillan Forsey

Photo by Dillan Forsey

From Granola and Velo, we hope that this inspires you to enjoy your own Mountain Top Coffee Shop. Share your experience with us on instagram, twitter, and tumblr at #mountaintopcoffeeshop


Thanks for reading,

Kelsey Scott