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The Granola products Blog is a behind the scenes look at what is going on with the Granola team. This blog follows production, new product development, granola team insights, ambassadors, and adventure.

Velo Coffee Roasters

Granola Products

Have you had a cup of Velo Coffee? Unless you have been to or are from Chattanooga, you most likely have not. And, oh, what you've been missing. Since 2010 Velo Coffee Roasters have been serving Chattanooga's demand for small batch roasted coffee. Now it is time for them to grow, so that they can expand their reach and bring coffee to you fine folks! 

Why do we drink Velo Coffee? First and foremost, we enjoy coffee. Velo roasts, in our opinion, the best coffee. Secondly, much like ourselves, the Velo team is passionate about their craft.  Coffee roasting is a slow art, in a way similar to handcrafting bags. Every batch requires close attention to detail; just as one faulty stitch can ruin a backpack, a couple bad beans can ruin a batch. Finally, Velo founder Andrew Gage delivers the coffee that he roasts via bicycle. Now that's responsible business! 

If you want to enjoy Velo Coffee, click the link below to check out their KickStarter campaign, and help Velo Coffee Roasters follow their dreams to the MAX, amen!

Velo KickStarter